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I'm Morgan. I'm a wife, friend, critical care nurse, and follower of Jesus. There are few things I enjoy more than getting lost in a book...I'm a reader by choice and writer by default. I'm a proponent of stories. I'm living out my own story, for better or worse, and always interested to hear other people's. Culture fascinates me and travel is one of my cornerstones. I crave new experiences and find joy in thinking outside the box.

My husband is Landon. He's also a critical care nurse...our paths crossed at shift change and never really uncrossed after that. We were married about a year later. Looking back now, it was just a fun season of life! He keeps me sane & in line. Strong and hard-working, I learn so much from him...when I start sinking, he's the one I must have in my boat. :)

Together I think we make a pretty great team. A few years ago we started a new adventure of travel nursing together. It's been an awesome learning & growing experience...but it's not easy, and I couldn't do it without him! Living in new cities on our own is so different from our small hometown, but it's been incredible...and I think it's really brought us closer together. Right now, we are living + working in southeast Alaska.

St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, 2017

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, 2016
Thomazeau, Haiti, 2015

Tampa, Florida, 2016

Waco, Texas, 2016

Como, Italy, 2017

I'm so thankful that we share a love of travel...and Tour de Taylors is my little collection of stories, pictures, and lessons we have learned along the way. This place is where I hope to encompass a story of living life for all its worth because we believe that comfort zones can sometimes be overrated. So I hope enjoy reading our adventures in traveling...I hope it takes you there...and then I hope you're inspired to go for yourself.

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