Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sitka, Alaska

A few weeks ago we island hopped up north to see another part of the great state of Alaska. Sitka is on another island and can only be reached by plane or boat. We flew from Ketchikan which was less than an hour in the air, and thanks to some bonus miles with Alaska Airlines, it was only $11 each round trip. So we could not pass up the opportunity! We only had a couple of days to see the town which was enough because it's pretty small and we walked mostly everywhere. The day we planned to hike was pretty foggy so we instead rented a car at the last minute and drove the extent of the road system.
I particularly loved Sitka because of the history...which I will talk about some below. Enjoy the pictures of our trip to Sitka, AK!!

Dad and Sis in Ketchikan

Last month my dad and sister got to come up to Ketchikan! Living far away from home, even with meeting all kinds of amazing people and having all the incredible experiences that we have and create, can sometimes be isolating. Every now and then, it is nice to have a small taste of home...and that happened for me when they got to come visit. :)

I'm a little late getting caught up on my posts thanks to my laptop crashing. But better late than here's a little recap of our week...
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