Sunday, February 24, 2019

Moving to Alaska

In usual Landon and Morgan fashion, our move to Alaska was somewhat of a logistical chaos...but when do we make it any other way? I'm learning each and every move that it's part of the process and part of the beauty of this journey. Because when is a journey ever smooth and perfect anyways? There will always be detours, delays, complications, surprises, and changes. The sooner I accept and embrace this, the more beautiful this life can become.
Gas Works Park in Seattle

After being in Alabama for a few weeks, we flew back to the West Coast and stayed in Seattle a couple of days with Melie and Michael. We did some hiking, had some sushi, watched some Huskies basketball, and kept it pretty low-key.

Slowly becoming a packing and moving expert. ;)

We drove our car to our storage place in Seattle and played Tetris trying to fit everything in that we needed to take with us to Alaska. It actually went better than we expected, and there were very few things we had to leave behind in our Seattle storage.

Our Ride to Alaska

On the Friday of our sailing, we drove up to Bellingham and had lunch, got some snacks and water for our trip, and headed to the ferry terminal.

Alaska Marine Highway System...because Alaska. Some highways have to be water.
Leaving Bellingham, Washington

Leaving US waters for a while...

Passing Vancouver

We got our boarding passes and waited a few hours to drive onboard. Because we were going to Ketchikan, this was one of our very options to get there. We could have flown but we wanted our car with us and didn't want to ship it. There's another ferry that departs from Prince Rupert (British Columbia), but we were close to Bellingham, and this is just what worked out best for us logistically.

Somewhere off the coast of British Columbia, Canada

Upper deck that you camp on with your tent

Inside Passage

And then, we took our 36-hour ferry ride. Ha! I got a lot of questions when I mentioned this before, but it was actually not bad at all. It's not peak season, so the vessel was relatively empty. We didn't get a stateroom because we weren't going to be sailing that many nights, so we just found a little spot to get comfortable and settled in. There was a theater room that did some movie showings and a documentary on the Inside Passage. There was also a snack bar and a restaurant on board. I did a lot of relaxing and reading. :)

Landon, coffee, and a book. I was good.

The captain pointed out there was a small Canadian village off to the sides of this picture called Bella Bella. (There's an old and new part, separated by this waterway.) 

My sleeping situation. So much more fun than a stateroom. ;)

In warmer months with more crowded sailings, a lot of people choose to camp out on the upper deck and the solarium of the vessel. Landon actually wanted to on this trip but it was too cold for my liking. The ferry route is allegedly more scenic than the ones cruise ships take because of its route up the Inside Passage. My only complaint in this regard is the hours of this particular sailing at this time of year weren't conducive to a lot of daylight sightseeing. I assume we will take the ferry back when we leave Ketchikan eventually, so maybe it will be in more daylight. :)

There's Ketchikan...still about 30 minutes away

Packed up and ready to drive back onto dry land from the car deck

On Sunday morning we got our first glimpse of K-town. After tying up, we were able to go down to the car deck and soon after drove onto dry land. We drove to our new apartment (that is the cutest, by the way) and got unpacked and settled in after having dinner with the owners, which was a blessing and their family is really great.

Unfiltered beauty of Alaska

Living in a rainforest on a remote island has been one of the most clarifying experiences of my life. Around a year ago I started embracing simplicity in Reno. It was when I really felt that I started to come more alive. Honestly. It changed me for the better. But this is taking simplicity to a whole new level. And I absolutely love it. ;) The more and more I see how fast and convenient life is becoming, the more grateful I am to Alaska for slowing me down. Forcing me to look life in the eyes and dare it to give me back what I really want out of it. Allowing me to become the best streamlined version of myself. I don't know what the next few months in this frontier hold...but I'm opening myself up to the possibilities and experiences and going to make dang sure I get out of it what I can. I never thought I would be so content in having literally no access to a Target, a mall, or my beloved Chick-fil-A. But alas, they say Jesus still performs miracles. You can have your curbside pickup and app ordering and Amazon Prime...for now I will bask in the glory of local shops and my Safeway, a non-supercenter Walmart that closes at 10pm, and standard shipping. ;)

Overlooking town from the Rainbird Trail behind our house. The white strip across the water is KTN's runway.

It is no secret that I am a proponent of creating your own story that's worth living and telling...that's why I do this and repeat the sometimes vicious cycle every few months. Despite the difficulties the journey brings. It's just worth it to me...but I used to think it was beyond access. I know so many people who are admittedly unhappy with their life--whether that be in a relationship, career, location, or whatever the circumstance. While I am not na├»ve in that sometimes unwanted circumstances do choose us when we would never have wanted them, I do believe there are always choices we can make to make the best of them and somehow find the beauty that life offers amidst the chaos. I would not wish some of my past experiences upon anyone. But I worked and fought against it to rise above what threatened to hold me down because I knew that life was out there somewhere waiting to happen and be not only lived, but embraced and enjoyed. I knew that it couldn't be the end of my story. And thankfully it wasn't...Landon & I are writing chapters that are beyond my wildest dreams. I am so grateful. I think that the American dream is overrated, and as a friend once said to me, why not go against the status quo? That unleashed something in me and started stirring the propeller of my journey. Perhaps that's why I'm trying to see as much as the globe as I can. My world was so small for so long, and it took almost a reckoning to open me up to the possibilities outside my little corner. 

There is always Light to be found in darkness. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder for it. I'm finding it brighter and clearer in Alaska.

Alaskan Love
These are the days, my friend. Go make the best out of them. XO


  1. You are in my happy place so explore and enjoy it!

  2. I have always wanted to visit Alaska and relatives on my Dad's side. It is so beautiful there.

  3. So excited to live vicariously through you! Very wise words you have penned. You have learned EARLY some valuable secrets of contentment and happiness! God bless your adventures in Alaska

  4. What an adventure! Miss you guys in the shoals but so excited that you have these opportunities!

  5. Wow! My sweet MoMo! You are my hero! I'm so happy for your adventurous soul to be set free to roam this earth! I would love to see you somewhere in the world! Your writing is so inspiring!


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