Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hiking Lake Tahoe

In the last few weeks, we have been hiking a couple of times in the southeastern area of Lake Tahoe. We did one particular hike twice on two different days only about a week apart...and the first time had no snow while the next time had about a foot of snow...which is crazy because Lake Tahoe hasn't gotten as much snow this year as it normally does.

So three hikes.
Two different days.
At one lake.

All an incredible outdoors experience! We are no hiking experts and I am no photographer, but here's some pictures...

The picture above gives you an idea of how high up and where we were. This hike went up a hill and over a rock that sits above the road.

And this is the rock we had to climb over...it's not as steep as it looks & was actually a fun little climb.

The next few pictures are from our second hike. I think it's actually a nude beach in the summer because there was a sign that said "Clothing Optional." 😖 But...it was such a neat little area with breathtaking views and water clarity.

This place was breathtaking.

See what I mean? Gorgeous water!

It was hard to capture in a photo...but from sitting on these rocks...you could see the bottom of the lake/rocks...which at this point was around 20 feet deep. So clear and pretty!

I don't know what this place is like in warmer months, but on this day, it was the best little area to hike to...we went with one of our friends from work and one of her friends from a previous job. We had the best time!

And then last week, one of my best friends came over from Sacramento for a couple of days. We took Jordain back to the place we went on the first hike (Caverock). We thought it would be a similar experience...but we were surprised by SNOW! It was a unique and fun little hike...

It was hard to get a good picture that showed both the lake and the amount of snow...but we tried. :)

We didn't go completely over the rock this day because the snow made the climb slippery and the amount of snow made it hard to tell where you could step and where there were holes. So we tried to stay safe. :)

We made our own mini Frosty while up there.

I was so, so happy that Jordain came to Nevada...we've been across the country from each other for a year pretty much...and now we're only a couple of hours drive away from each other.

I love exploring with my husband.

So there's our recent hikes! I hope you enjoy the pictures...and then I hope you get outside for yourself! ;)

Be well, friends!

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