Monday, August 7, 2017

California 2017

Last Monday I got home from a trip across the country to see one of my best friends! My friend Lacey and I went to California to see our friend Jordain...and it was such a good little getaway weekend. :)

On Thursday I picked up Lacey and we headed to Nashville. We had a 3AM wakeup call the next morning, so I told Jordain she should know how much she is loved. ;) We had an early flight so we could get there sooner & not be traveling the entire day.


We had a short layover at McCarran, and after getting breakfast, we decided to walk around some to get some steps in since we had been sitting the entire flight. But alas, those steps led us to evens out, right?

We finally made it to Oakland! We hailed an Uber and met Jordain & her boyfriend John outside of Oakland. We stopped at In-N-Out (a must when you're out West) then headed onto Sacramento...where Jordain lives.

Reunited! My heart was so happy. :)

Once we got back to Sacramento, we explored Jordain's midtown neighborhood. We went to Lowbrau, a German restaurant, and Zocalo, a Mexican restaurant (and there were so many other restaurants we wanted to try...definitely a foodie city with so many good choices!).

We also rented bikes and went to the State Capitol and to Old Sacramento. I wish I would have taken more pictures at these places...but taking pictures + riding a bicycle don't mix well for a poor multitasker like me.

The next morning, we packed up and headed to South Lake Tahoe. We checked in to our hotel and headed for the beach...and had some good R&R. :)

This night, we chose Italian for dinner and went to Izabella...and then we explored some of downtown SLT after dinner, which is actually on the California/Nevada border.

Even though I'm incredibly happy for her, my life hasn't been the same since she's been across the country from me. This girl is my constant source of comic relief.

On Sunday morning, we rented bikes again and headed to Artemis for a Greek brunch. We explored some more of the beach area where this restaurant was located lakeside. The scenery was beautiful! Pictures don't do it justice.

Such a gorgeous place! Some of the mountains were still snow-capped.

And because we can never go too long without sweets, we shopped a little while and then ended up at the Baked Bear, a build-your-own ice cream sandwich shop. A genius idea! You could pick any cookie/brownie outer layer, any ice cream flavor, and then any toppings. I picked the funfetti cookies, vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge. Delicious!

Leaving South Lake Tahoe with the forest in the background. We headed back to Sacramento and had a sushi and Netflix kind of night.

OAK to BNA. The next morning we headed home on a direct flight. I took this picture in the Oakland airport because I thought it was funny. You told this little robot what kind of food you were craving and it told you what to get for breakfast at this restaurant in the terminal. Technology these days...sometimes I feel like I can't live with it, can't live without it. ;)

All in all, we had the best little weekend getaway. This was my third time in California, but this trip was very special. Of course I miss Jordain all the time but I loved seeing her life there. It's always hard to get out of your comfort zone, but this girl makes it look easy...her & John might as well be born & bred locals. ;) They were the best tour guides of Sacramento...and I'm so happy I got to experience their California life with them.

Jordain...California looks good on you & I know it loves you...just not as much as I do. :) can't wait to see you again!

P.S. My advice is whenever you get the chance to travel with friends...go. This trip made me a little extra grateful for lifelong friends and to still have the chance to experience life together. It's always sweet to seem to pick up right where you left off no matter how much time has passed. One of my best gifts. :)

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