Thursday, May 25, 2017

Central Europe Days 1-3: Munich

The Taylor's are home from an amazing trip across the big pond. We spent 9 days in 4 countries...and have already started to plan our next trip!

Travel is so, so important (especially in this family), and it's something I think that everyone should do. The only thing I would change is not starting sooner in life, and when we have children, I hope to take them all over the world even from a young age. Travel teaches and changes you in ways that nothing else can. Exposure to new cultures, foods, languages, architectures, and just ways of life rounds you out in a way that no book, class, program, etc. can do. There's so much life outside our little boxes that we live in. Go see the world for yourself!

With that said, here's the first part of our trip! Days 1-3: Munich, Germany (Home of Oktoberfest)

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